The Prophet Elijah Speaks


The prophet Elijah speaks

By Jim Stensland



Last summer when I started writing my web page I had wrote that John Kerry was going to win the election. I did not have any visions or anything about him winning the election. But I had guessed that he was going to win based on what I read in the book of (King James) Daniel Chapter 11: 15 to 19. I believe George W. Bush to be this king in these verses who invades an area roughly the equivalent of Mesopotamia or modern-day Iraq. And that in verse 19 " he shall stumble and fall, and not be found." And I took this to mean that he was not going to win the election on November 2 of this year. But that John Kerry would win. And that he would be the one in verse 20 that says " then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the Kingdom: but within a few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle. And after this man comes the antichrist in verse 21. Who the arch Angel Gabriel told me would be Jimmy Carter.

Gabriel said that Jimmy Carter had signed a pack with the devil and that he was going to change his name and divorce his wife. And also in one of my visions I saw my wife and I go into a bank downtown Fargo, North Dakota. And they wouldn't let me have any of my money unless I were tattoo on the right hand with the number 666 between my thumb and index finger. In my vision I knew that this had something to do with the Carter administration. So even if Gabriel did not call Jimmy Carter the antichrist he didn't need to. There are a lot of places in the Bible where it speaks about the antichrist without actually calling him the antichrist.


So I went to the Bible to look for what I could find on the antichrist. And it says in Revelation 17:10 that there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come, and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. George W. Bush is King number six who is spoken of in the present tense. Last summer or early spring in Dawned upon me who the seven kings were because at that time all seven of these people were still alive. And George W. Bush the sixth king who is spoken of in the present tense is president at that point in time. #1 Gerald Ford #2 Jimmy Carter #3 Ronald Reagan #4 George W. H. Bush #5 Bill Clinton #6 George W. Bush #7 Dick Cheney (at that time I thought it would be John Kerry but after George W. Bush's reelection that will make Dick Cheney number seven). And Jimmy Carter will be the eighth king who is also one of the seven. And as Gabriel had told me he will change his name and he will divorce his wife.

And then you go to Daniel 11:15 to 20. The king who invades an area roughly equivalent to modern-day Iraq is George W. Bush the king in Revelation's 7:10 referred to in the present tense or in other words king #6. And in verse 20 it says of the king next in line " then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the Kingdom: but within a few days he shall be destroyed neither in anger, nor in battle. And I believe this to be Dick Cheney who everyone knows has a bad heart, and could drop dead anytime.

Some of the reasons I thought John Kerry would win the election were for one John Kerry is a Democrat just like Jimmy Carter. Which I thought would make it easier for Jimmy Carter to regain the office of President. In Daniel 11:19 it says that George W. Bush would " stumble and fall and not be found. And I took this to mean that he would not be reelected. But since he was reelected this passage sounds much more ominous for Bush. Although I don't think he will be assassinated. It sounds like he might be forced to resign or be impeached or some how or another get booted out of office. But it is entirely possible that maybe he will stumble and fall coming out of Air Force One or something and break his crown. Who knows? It remains to be seen.

But other than that everything on my web page remains the same. As I said on my web page I don't know everything and I don't remember everything. And sometimes I didn't understand some of the things I saw my visions and some of the words that came to me in my visions and some of the words that Gabriel spoke to me. For instance at the time that Gabriel had told me that Jimmy Carter had signed a pack with the devil he also mentioned the name Jehovah. And the name Jehovah also came to me in my visions. But I didn't know who Jehovah was. Since that time I have learned who Jehovah is. And I have also improved my vocabulary. And did a lot of reading in the Bible and other books such as the Dead Sea Scrolls for one. And many others.

I also said on my web page last summer that this is the first time I have never written anything down about my visions and the things Gabriel said to me. So I'm just going by memory. And a lot of people who met me and heard me speak when I was in a trance will agree that everything I said would be nearly impossible to remember. And sometimes it would come out so fast and all of a sudden that you wouldn't be able to have time enough to write it all down. And being that I was in a light trance made it hard for me to concentrate on these things and commit them to memory. On a few occasions I would be talking and people would stop me and tell me that in midsentence I had gone into a deep trance and talked for about five minutes. Starting with the Lord's prayer and then went on to say other things. And I would look them right in the eye and say; " no I didn't! Who do you think you're kidding." And I never believed them. Because I thought that they were just messing with me or something. But one day I was In the Flying J truck stop in Fargo, North Dakota. And I overheard a couple of the waitresses talking to one of the customers about me and how I had gone into a deep trance and somebody or something had spoken through me and how I did not believe people when they told me this. And I got to thinking that how on other occasions people had told me the exact same thing and I didn't believe them. And so I thought, gee, I guess they weren't kidding after all.

I remember once in Phillisburg, Montana back in the summer of 1973. There was a big celebration in town. At that time any how they had this big wing ding in town every summer called the fish fry. And so There were a lot of people in that small town for the celebration. And this one member of a band had called me over and spoke with me. And while I was talking he interrupted me and asked me what it was that I had said. And I repeated what I said. And he said no, in between this word and some another word. According to him I had said the Lord's prayer and other things for the space of about five minutes. And I didn't know what the Lord's prayer was. Let alone have it memorized. And I knew that I had not said any such thing. And I remember I told him to look me in the eye and say that to me. Which he did. And I told him " gee your a good liar." I never believed him. But a lot of other people heard it since we were talking by a microphone. But I didn't realize that the microphone was on. And I don't know what it was that I was supposed to have said during this trance which lasted about five minutes. But the whole town heard it and there are a lot of Mormons there. And these people take their religion very seriously. There is a lot more to this incident. But I don't feel like trying to explain it all right now. I'm just trying to make a long story short. If I wanted to go into detail about all that happened in phillisburg that summer. I could just about write a book just on that alone.

A few years later at the Flying J truck stop in Fargo, North Dakota. Which by the way is owned by the Church of LDS. As I mentioned above I overheard some of the things the waitresses were tal to king about. ( And this happened on several occasions. Since I was a regular customer there.) And apparently the Church Elders of LDS (some people referred to it as the Church of Mormon) for a were interested in me and wanted to know everything about me. And with the help of some people From Phillisburg and other people that knew me from North Dakota and Montana they had been keeping tabs on me for years without me knowing it. Although there were times that I thought I was being watched or followed. They didn't want me to know what they were doing. And I'm not really sure just exactly what they were doing. But I found out about it any how. All I know is that they were gathering information about me for the Church of LDS. I heard the Church believes that I am a prophet. But I guess they're not absolutely sure that I am one of the two witnesses in revelations 11:3 to 13.

The earliest memory I have of a voice from heaven talking to me is when I was in the crib. I don't remember what he said. But I remember thinking to myself " Boy This Is Really Something I Gotta Go Tell Mommy." That was the first time i ever crawled over the top of my crib railing. And the first time i ever went down the stairs all by my self. I remember crawling down the stairs backwards. My oldest sister was in the Living Room and She Saw Me Coming down the Stairs in My Diapers. She Is Three Years Older Than Me. And She Says She Remembers This Incident. And I Went into the Kitchen Where My Mom Was and Told Her As Best I Could about This Voice I Heard. I Had Trouble Trying to Communicate What Had Happened. Because I Knew Very Few Words. I Didn't Know Words like Heaven, Angels, God and A Lot Of Other Stuff. But I Pointed up and Told Her Some Man up There Had Been Talking to Me. And She Thought Someone Was in the House and so She Rushed Upstairs Looking for an Intruder. When She Didn't Find Anyone She Came Back Downstairs and Didn't Listen to the Any More. And so I Was Kind of Frustrated about the Whole Thing. Because I Couldn't Tell Anyone What Had Happened. No One Would Listen to Me. Until I Got A Few Years Older. And Then No One Seemed to Care. But My Sister Says She Remembers This Incident. This Was in Minnewaukan, North Dakota.

I Want to Make Sure That People Understand What I'm Saying about This Line of Predecessors That Come before the Antichrist. Because of What Gabriel Told Me, and What I Saw in My Visions. I Can Be Absolutely Certain That Jimmy Carter Is the Antichrist. And I Can Also Be Absolutely Certain That the United States Is the Country Referred to in the Bible As Babylon. And so I Feel I Can Be Certain That George W. Bush Is the Person in Daniel 11:19. And so Therefore I Am Just Waiting to See How Much Longer This Term in Office Will Be. I Don't Think It's There Be Much Longer. And Dick Cheney Is the Guy and Verse 20. And It Reasonable to Believe What the Daniel Says about Him. That He Will Be a Razor of Taxes, and That in A Few Days He Will Be Destroyed Neither in Anger, nor in Battle. And I Think It's Reasonable to Assume That His Heart Will Give out on Him. I am just kind of Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop. And I Am Really Excited about It. Not Because I Wish ill on Any One. But Because of What Is Going to Happen in These Days. I Am Real Excited. Yet apprehensive about what's about to happen.

A lot of people think that we are living in the end times and that Christ will come soon. But that is not necessarily true. There is a warning in Malachi 4:6. Instead of a second coming the Earth will receive God's curse instead. And I was told that this will be even worse than the tribulation. Gabriel told me that many people would lose their faith and that some of the people who would have been taken up in the rapture would lose their faith and burn in hell instead. And the second coming will be postponed. Because Jesus himself said " Elijah must come first." And so it's a no-brainer that if there is no Elijah then there is no second coming. Of course Jesus will come back eventually. But the second coming can be postponed.

And Gabriel told me that I would be the one to read the last rites to the people who suffer the second death. He said that I am the only one who can do this, nobody else can. And that Jehovah will not let me suffer the second death. And that if he thinks that I might lose my faith that he would let me die first.

Gabriel also told me " Jehovah has given you a rod of iron, use it." And that I will. I saw in my visions many times where I would be standing with a rod of iron in my hand and people would go up in flames in the visions. People that would lie to me or threatened me or slander me or what ever. And Gabriel said to me "if they should lie to you or withhold information from you they will die."


It bothers my conscience that if I don't do what God asked of me to do. Not so much That I will have to come back in another lifetime and give it another try. But that according to Gabriel what will happen here on Earth after I am dead and gone. What happens here on Earth will be worse than the tribulation. But that some people who otherwise would have gone up in the rapture will lose their faith and burn in hell instead. And that I will have to read them the last rites when suffer the second death. And I feel empathy for them. And if I should have to do this to them it makes me feel guilty if I don't do what Jehovah wants me to as Gabriel said. Even though I'm not really sure just what to do. And that I should have been listening to him and wrote down what he said, like he told me to. I told him to go get somebody else. And he said," there is nobody else." He said," no one can do what you can do."

Another thing I have learned is that the name Jehovah is supposed to be some kind of mistranslation of the Bible. But apparently the name is okay to use because Gabriel used it.

The I Jim Stensland the prophet on this day of July 5 of 2004 am writing to you and the rest of the world to share the knowledge I have gained through the years. It took me a while to figure out some of these things and the put pieces together. And I am still learning. But I think you'll agree with me that I have got the answers to a lot of questions about God and the Bible. And I tried to explain how I came about some of these answers. And this took many years. And a lot of thinking and reading and more thinking. And if it weren't for my visions from God and the voice of the Angel Gabriel speaking to me from heaven I probably would not have given this any more thought than the average person. Which isn't very much. Because the average person just goes along with whatever the church or some preacher tells them to think. And not only that but because of the voice from heaven and the visions from God I learned a lot of things that other people would never find out. And so for me to better understand and explain what I found out I use the Bible and the Gospel of Thomas and the Dead Sea Scrolls. And these books also helped me to understand myself and my situation better. And why the arch Angel Gabriel had taken time to talk to me as if I were somebody important or something. And some people might not like what I have to say. But that's their problem. Because anyone that doesn't like what I say can go to hell. What I say is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. And anyone who is foolish enough to argue with me will have to change their way of thinking. Because when all is said and done anyone and I mean anyone and everyone who doesn't listen to me is going to burn in hell.

In the summer of 1973. I was in the town of Phillipsburg, Montana. And a voice from heaven spoke to me. It was the voice of the arch Angel Gabriel. He told me among other things that "all the churches are guilty of abominations".

I am not making this up. It is not my opinion that all the churches are guilty of abominations. It is a fact that the arch Angel Gabriel told me this. So therefore it is a fact that all the churches are guilty of abominations. End of story! No argument! There is nothing here to argue about! I'm just the messenger.

I didn't know it at the time but the founder of the Church of latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith Jr. had been told the exact same thing back in the 1840s. And since there were a lot of Mormons in the area. They told me of this fact. I was not a Mormon then or now. And I never plan to become one. And I have never been a member of any church. And I don't plan to become one. I'm just honestly stating what I have experienced. And I have no biases towards any religious denomination. So don't get me wrong.

Well I was surprised that all the churches could be guilty of abominations. But I gave it a lot of thought over the years and now I think I have found some proof in the Bible that will help explain why all the churches are guilty of abominations. Along with some help from the Dead Sea Scrolls. That prove that there are two messiahs, anointed ones,or Christ all three words mean the same thing. This will prove that what the church teaches is an abomination.

First of all in the book of revelations(King James) there are two second Comings. And two judgments. one in chapter 19 where the Christ comes on a white horse and with a rod of iron. The other second coming is the great white throne judgement. In chapter 7 of revelations verse 17 it says the lamb is in the midst of the throne. And God said to Jesus,sit here on my right hand side untell I make your enemies your foot stool. If you give it some thought obviously the guy on a white horse in chapter 19 is not Jesus Christ. Because he is the one who is defeating the enemies of Jesus Christ. And the clothing he is wearing was dipped in blood, he did not shed this blood, he is a deciple of Jesus Christ, the beloved deciple whom he called righteous and just.

And so you have two different christ with two different personalities. One has a rod of iron,eyes of fire, and a sword in his mouth. A. really mean guy like the apostle James the just. Who Jesus had called"son of thunder". The other Christ is a lamb. They are two different people with two different personalities doing two different jobs. And in the Dead Sea Scrolls there are two messiahs. One is the Messiah of Israel the other is the Messiah of Aaron.

The teacher of righteousness who was the leader of the group was one of the two messiahs. The teacher of righteousness was the apostle James the righteous also known as James Zebedee. This I know because the arch Angel Gabriel told me that I had been the apostle James in another life. He referred to Jesus as my cousin. (The mother of James was the sister of Marry.) And he told me that I had spent so much time on my knees praying that my knees were like the hooves of a camel. He said that I spend too much time in pray and not enough time writing. He said the only book I had written was 5 parts long. The book of James has five chapters. Gabriel said Jehovah would have seen to it that anything I wrote would have been included in the Bible. He also said that I was worth my weight in gold to Jehovah and that I was indispensable to him. And that I was my cousin's beloved deciple. And that I was the spitting image of him. And many other things. Not all of which I remember. And some of what he said I could not understand because of the words he used. And the way he explained things. It just went right over my head. At that time I did not know who Jehovah was. I had never read the Bible and had not gone to Sunday school very much. So I was surprised that he would talk to me because I did not see myself as being religious. Just an ordinary guy. Although I had been baptized I was not a member of any church nor did I want to belong to any church or go to any church. And I sure didn't want to become any kind of a preacher. Any more than anyone else would.

I think that most people believe in God in some way or another. But preacher's and a lot of these better than thee, self-righteous religious nuts just make people in general sick. Including myself. And I think these people are hypocrites. Even though they say they believe in God. I'd say that the devil also believes in God and trembles as it says in the book of James chapter 2 versus 19. And Jesus called the religious extremists of his day hypocrites. They wore their religion on their sleeves for public display but their hearts were far from God. And I think it a lot of televangelist do that now days in order to make it a lot of money to support their lifestyle. With their big cars and homes with swimming pools.

And another interesting thing that I have found in the Bible is that there were two people who went to heaven without dying one was Enoch and the prophet Elijah.(I am the reincarnation of the Elijah. And I think Jesus is the reincarnation of Enoch.) In the New Testament there are two people who died and were resurrected from the Dead and went to heaven, one is Jesus and the other is in the book of revelations Chapter 11. And of course there are two second comings and two Christ each different then the other in personality and job. Also there are two high priest in the temple of the Old Testament. At first it started with Moses and Aaron and continued untell the temple was destroyed. So in heaven there is another temple. And there must be two high priest in that temple also. So we assume that Jesus is one of them. And I say that the man on a white horse with the rod of iron is not Jesus but is his favorite deciple James the righteous, the reincarnation of the Elijah. The man known as the teacher of righteousness in the Dead Sea Scrolls. He is the second high priest in the temple in heaven. I might be assuming too much here but it seems to make sense to me that this temple in heaven must have two high priest in it just like the temple here on Earth. And so therefore that would help me to explain why there are two messiahs in the Dead Sea Scrolls and two Christ in the book of revelations.

Another thing, that Christ in chapter 19 of revelations is wearing a vesture dipped in blood. It is not his own blood that was shed but his vesture had been dipped in blood, the blood of Jesus Christ. And in revelations 14: 14 . It makes mention of someone who looks just like Jesus Christ. And Gabriel said to me,:"you are the spitting image of your cousin."Meaning Jesus Christ of course. It's only after my resurrection that the rapture can take place. The way I understand it anyhow. Because Gabriel said that if I did not except this mission that Jehovah had requested of me to do that there could be no rapture. So the way I understand it my mission that Jehovah wants me to do for him must be completed before there can be a rapture.

And another thing about the prophet in Chapter 11 of revelations. These two witnesses or prophets are called olive trees. And in Zechariah verse 11 to 14 it speaks of two olive trees and also refers to them as the anointed ones. And remember anointed one is just another word for Messiah or Christ.So the two olive trees in Zechariah are the same as the two olive trees or prophets in chapter 11 revelations. And just like Jesus Christ this anointed one or Christ has a second coming also. And comes back again to rule all nations with a rod of iron untell Jesus Christ returns. As Jesus had said to Peter about the deciple who he loved"what is it to you that I should have him stay here until I return. John chapter 21 verse 22.

Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John said to Peter of the deciple the he loved, " what's it to you that I should have him stay here until I return." And after this the word went out that he would never die and would still be alive when Jesus came back.


And in the Dead Sea Scrolls the disciples of the teacher of righteousness were surprised that he had died because they thought that he would usher in a new world or would live and tell the judgment or something like that. So when he did die they thought he would come back alive some how. I don't know if they had a word for reincarnation or not. But the term being born-again they were familiar with. Which is the same as reincarnation.

And also in the Dead Sea Scrolls it speaks of a future prophet. And this prophet in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the two witnesses in revelations and the two olive trees in Zechariah are all the same two people. The second witness is my wife who is also the reincarnation of the mother of the apostle James Zebedee. She was present at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with her sister Mary the mother of Jesus. She was also a deciple of Jesus and was a witness to his life and teachings as well as the death and resurrection of him. So when the Bible in revelations Chapter 11 says that these two people are witnesses it means just that, witness's. A witness is someone who was there and can testify as to what they saw and heard. Anyone else is just a wanta be. And not the real thing but a phony. Where else can you get two witnesses but through reincarnation?

In the Gospel of Thomas the disciples asked Jesus who would take his place after he had died. To which he responded James the righteous. So it was Jesus who gave James the title of righteous or just. And it doesn't take much imagination to come to the conclusion that James the righteous and the teacher of righteousness are the same person especially since both are the leaders of a religious sect around Jerusalem at that time of Jesus. It's a no-brainer that Jesus would have his most beloved deciple take his place after he died especially since he was already a priest.

I'm just saying what I know for a fact. Because these things I have learned through a combination of what I have seen in visions and the arch Angel Gabriel talking to me. And studying the Bible and other books. And it is through these books and especially the Bible that I am going to try to prove what I know. As much as possible any how.

Now back to the teacher of righteousness and the apostle James the righteous. The arch Angel Gabriel told me that I am that deciple who my cousin Jesus loved. In the Gospel of John it says that John is the beloved deciple. But someone must have embellished the Gospel of John sometime after John had written it. Probably thinking in his opinion that John was the beloved deciple.

But I will give reasonable doubt that John was the beloved deciple. For one thing the Gospel of John says that when Jesus went before the high priest the deciple who Jesus loved let Peter through the gate. And that also this deciple was known to the high priest. This is because the beloved deciple was also a priest. One of the things in the Gospel of John that helps me make my point is the fact that this deciple when he hears that the crypt of Jesus was empty he races to the crypt of Jesus and beats Peter there. But he does not enter it. The reason he does not enter the crypt is because according to Jewish tradition a priest will be defiled if he were to be in the same room with a corpse. According to Jewish tradition it was the eldest son who became a priest. And James was older than John. Also when Jesus was on the cross he said to his mother "woman behold your son" and to his deciple he said " behold your mother." So this would make the deciple who Jesus loved the Lord's brother. And that is obviously James the Lord's brother who was the head of the church. Symbolically he became another Jesus Christ. And Gabriel told me that I was a spitting image of my cousin. So there were not two different James that were the head of the church but they were both the same person. There were many attempts made on the life of the apostle James and some how someone got mixed up and thought that James had been killed and another James had taken his place. And that takes care of the argument of wrote the book of James since there is only one James.

And you see in the Dead Sea Scrolls that there were many attempts made on the life of the teacher of righteousness. Just as there were on the apostle James. And they are both called righteous. And they were both leaders of a religious sect. And that deciple's of both these men thought that they would live until the end of the world or the judgment. They are the same person.

There's a place in the Gospel where Jesus says Elijah is already here. And it goes on to say that the disciples knew he meant John the Baptists. This is an embellishment. For one thing the apostle James was the reincarnation of Elijah. And another thing the book of Malachi says that prophet Elijah will come before the day of the Lord. Which is the last event in the Bible which is the great white throne judgment. And whoever embellished the Gospel probably thought they were living in the last day's. But they were wrong. Even today people think you are living in the last day's. To a point they are right. But the the Bible says in Malachi that if you don't listen to Elijah God will smite the Earth with a curse. And so then there would be no rapture and the second coming would be postponed. Because Elijah must come first. And if anyone were to give this much thought they would see that I am right. That John the Baptists is not the prophet Elijah. I am the prophet Elijah.

The arch Angel Gabriel told me that if my mission fails for what ever reason. Something worse than the tribulation will happen to the Earth. And that many people will burn in hell. And that even some of the people who would been taken up in the rapture would burn in hell instead. Because they would lose their faith. And that I would have to read them the last rites when they suffered the second death. He said that this reading of the last rites is reserved just for me. He said I am the only one who is worthy of my cousins salvation. And in some ways I am actually better then him. There are some things that he cannot do, that only I can do.

I am also the reincarnation of Abraham. One of the things that Jesus said of Abraham in Luke 16 verse 22. Well he compares heaven with the bosom of Abraham. Jesus almost regards Abraham as someone nowadays might regard Jesus.

What I have tried to get across here in the first part of my book is that there is only one apostle James that was the head of the church and that he and the teacher of righteousness are the same person. And that the Dead Sea Scrolls and the book of revelations both agree that there are two messiahs and that the apostle James who asked Jesus if he could sit on his right hand side is the other Christ. And that the church's have all misinterpreted the book of revelations. And so therefore they are all guilty of abominations for this reason alone. And in my opinion if anyone were to listen to what I say and read these books carefully they will see that I am right.

Enough of that for now. For I would like to say something of the 2004 presidential election. And how the anti-christ becomes president of the United states. The arch Angel Gabriel told me that Jimmy Carter had signed a pack with the devil. And that he was going to change his name and divorce his wife. What his new name will be I don't know. But Gabriel told me to request Carter's impeachment. Gabriel also asked me to prosecute Rev. Moon and dismantle the unification church. I believe Rev. Moon is the fal to se prophet because of what Gabriel said to me. Although there is no connection between them now. Apparently there will be in the future.

By going to the Bible and finding where the anti-christ is mentioned in Daniel Chapter 11 verse 20 and working backwords I saw there are two invasions of the Gulf region. Before the antichrist comes to power. I saw this before the first Gulf war. And I had been waiting for the second Gulf war sense then. In fact I told people there was going to be a second Gulf war. And I told them that I got this idea from the Bible. The Bible in Daniel Chapter 11 also says that this king who invades the Gulf region will stumble and fall and not be found. I interpet this to mean that George W. Bush is going to lose the 2004 election. And that the John kerry will win the election. The book of the Daniel says that John Kerry will be a riser of taxes. And that he will be president for only a short time, and that he will be destroyed neither in anger, nor in battle. And after him the antichrist will take his place as president of the United states. This will be Jimmy Carter's second term as president. The Bible also says that the antichrist will die of a head wound by the sword. And come back to life again with the power given him by the devil. I don't recall anything in my vision about Carter's death or coming back to life. Nor do I recall Gabriel saying anything about it. But I'm sure the Bible is right.

In revelations Chapter 17 verse 10 it says about the antichrist. There are seven kings and that the antichrist is the eighth. And is one of the seven. This means seven presidents and he Jimmy Carter will become president again. And is the eighth king. Only this time he is going to change his name and divorce his wife. In Daniel Chapter 11 verse 37 it says he will have no desire for women.

So George W. Bush according to the book of revelations is king number six. And it speaks of this king in the present tense. And at this time that I am revealing these revelations to you and the world. And making my presence known to you. And revealing the identity of the antichrist and the false prophet to the world. I feel that the book of revelations is speaking to you and the world at this point in time through me. Present tense.

President Gerald Ford would be the first of these seven kings. Why it starts with him I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with the end of the Vietnam war. Because Jimmy Carter promised peace during his election campaign and that he would never take this country to war. And he was always telling everyone how much Jesus loves them and such. And that he was a born-again Christian. But the Bible says that the antichrist would be a pillar of the church. And a peacemaker and through peace he shall destroy many.

Third king is Ronald Reagan.

Fourth king is George H. W. Bush.

Fifth king is Bill Clinton.

Sixth king is George W. Bush.

Seventh king is John Kerry.

Eighth king is Jimmy Carter. And he is also one of the seven.

At the time that I started to write this book Ronald Reagan was still alive and so all seven of these people were all alive. And so that is one way you can come up with seven king's.

I read in a book once a long time ago. About all the cities in the world that were built on seven Hills. And Washington D. C. was one of them.

In revelations Chapters 17 and 18 it tells of this harlot Babylon. And how the merchants of the Earth are corrupted by her and become rich by her. And this is obviously the United States. We import by far more goods than anyone else in the world. And with out our trade countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and many other countries including the countries that we import oil from would not be rich like they are now. And not only that but we are the world's only superpower. And many other countries hate us. Partly because of the war in Iraq. And probably a few other things. But they need our business. And if it weren't for all our money and military power. They would probably not be so supportive of the United States and some of its policies.



In Little Rock, Arkansas there were a group of Southern Baptists. Who claimed that an Angel had told them to go to this one house and wait for something or other. I don't know what. But from time to time this Angel would appear to them and give them a message of some kind. I remember hearing about it on the CBS News back in late 1972 or early 73. Again in the spring of 1977 I heard on the CBS evening News with Walter Cronkite. A story about this group of people. And a message they were given by an Angel. And he told them to write down what he told them. The Angel gave them prophecy about events that were going to happen in the future. He made a comment about a man to the north. Who is me. I remembered from my vision in 1973 that they were going to mention something about me so I was waiting for this. He did not mention George W. Bush by name. But he did have a warning for him. George W. Bush is going to burn in hell if he doesn't listen to this Angel's message and obey. I don't remember everything this Angel said word for word. But in so many words it all boils down to this. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.Sadam had nothing to do with 9/11. And God hears Muslims also. I remember the Rev. Billy Graham making mention of this event a couple of nights later during one of his crusade's on TV.

Jimmy Carter the antichrist is going to have people tattooed on their right hand. On that piece of flesh between the thumb and the index finger. With the number 666.

What I saw in my vision is that my wife and I went to a bank down town Fargo, North Dakota. And the bank teller would not let me have my money in the bank, unless I be tattooed on the right hand with the number 666 first.

And so I went into the bank vault and grabbed a big bag full of money. About ,000 worth of money in the bag. And I went out into the street and the Fargo police department pulled up and pointed their guns at me. My wife jumped in front of me to protect me. And so she was shot and killed first. And then me.

The arch Angel Gabriel told me about this prophecy back in August, 1973. And he said it would take three shots to kill me. He also said that there would be five police officers. And that when they went back to the police station they would use this elevator at the back of the building. And that they would be stuck in this elevator when a fire would break out somehow and burn them to death. And that their death would be agonizing. And there would be nothing left of them but their bones.

And in the vision I saw our dead bodies laying on the sidewalk. And I saw like a gust of wind come up, and then we stood up. And a voice from heaven said come here. And we walked up into the sky as if we were climbing an invisible staircase. We went up to heaven and met Jehovah face-to-face. He was a really big tall man with a full head of light brown hair. He looked about 20-ish or something maybe 30. And well groomed with sideburns down to the middle of his ear. He was wearing a three piece suit and a bolo tie. And I saw us standing in front of Jehovah and he made us look like little kids standing in front of an adult. Because he was so big and tall. I guess about 10 feet tall. The feeling I got from the vision was that he was a very nice guy. And a big heart. And he asked us to go talk to his children and ask them to return home. They were in a place called Hades and if they didn't return home they were going to die. And he was very upset about this. Heart broken.

So we went there and spoke to them for 40 days and 40 nights. And none of them would listen. And they all suffered the second death. And there was a plaque there. That I was to read . And this was the last rites. And in the vision the writing on this plaque was bleary. And I couldn't read it. But I could make out some letters here and there and that was it. What ever was written on this plaque. God didn't want me to know what it was because it was bleery. I am sure it was written in English. Why else make the vision bleery so that I couldn't read it.


Now I would like to say something about Angel's.

I don't think anyone has ever figured out what the parable of the prodigal son means. Especially the churches. What it means is that people are Angel's that rebelled against God by leaving him. This is what the word sin means to rebel from God. And all people are guilty of this sin for their Angel's left God a very long time ago. Your soul is one of the Angel's that rebeled against God by leaving him. And this is why in the Bible you are asked to come back to God. Revelations in chapter 2 verse four, you have left your first love. Which is God and heaven. And God is asking you to come back home.

If anyone were to give this some thought they would see that I am right. How else can babies be guilty of sin when they are born? God is not going to burn them in hell for a sin that was committed by Adam and Eve as the churches would have you believe. Everything God created was perfect including the souls of everyone including the souls of the babies that will be born tomorrow. Some of them will be born disabled some blind or into abusive families. Some of them might be murdered or sexually abuse by their parents. Some of them don't have much of a chance in life. God does not do this to a perfect creation. I think this should remind you of the parable of the prodigal son who left the father went into the world and spent his inheritance and then suffered from abusive behavior until he returned to the father.

In the book of acts Chapter 12 verse 15 when the apostles thought that Peter was dead. They used the word Angel instead of soul or ghost or spirit. These people were not dumb, they had been taught by Jesus. And they knew what they were talking about. They were not superstitious.

All the people on earth have Angel names given to them by God. My Angel name is Bo. And my wife's Angel name is Peep.

In revelations Chapter 12 verse four, it tells of the Dragon who cast down a third of all the stars in heaven. The churches teach that this means the devil is the leader of the fallen Angel's. But if you read carefully you will see that he is still in heaven. Again in Daniel Chapter 8 verse 10, it says the same thing only this time the devil is stomping them. Again he is not their leader. But he is out to get them. He is their false accuser. These stars represent the people here on earth who's soul's were once Angel's in heaven. And sined against the father by leaving him. As in the parable of the prodigal son. Somehow the devil took advantage of the situation and becomes the false accuser. And he will remain in heaven until he and his Angel's are kicked out. At which time the tribulation begins. And the man child who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron in Chapter 12 revelations is the prophet Elijah, teacher of righteousness, apostle James, the two olive trees. These are all the same entity. Who is me.

The Angels are also referred to as the morning stars in Job Chapter 38 verse seven. The Angels watched God create not only the world but the universe. I believe that the Angels were God's first creation. And everything else was created after them. The universe is billions of years old. And we were Angels then and we watched God create the universe. When God asked Job " were were you when I created the earth" he had no idea of this. He had no understanding of what God was talking about. People are conscious of their present life only. Only your soul remembers past lives. And whatever happened before you were born. I only know about my past lives because of my visions and because the Angel Gabriel told me about them. And he even told me about a woman who was one of my classmates in high school. He said she was a deciple of mine when I was the teacher of righteousness. He said she had never met my cousin. Apparently she came along after his crucifixion and resurrection. And he also told me of some other people I met in past lives.

I remember a long time ago, Gabriel told me to tell this guy something. I don't remember the message word for word and I don't think anybody ever wrote anything down. But I still have the general idea of what he said. It boils down to this. The guy had something wrong with him that the doctors couldn't do anything about. I guess it was genetic. But anyway he didn't know there was anything wrong with him. And Gabriel said he only had a short time to live. And that he should not worry because it's not that bad over on the other side.

So he made his amends, said his goodbyes, and whatever else you have. Before his death.

He said something to the effect that some people would be better off dead then being alive because of their suffering. Like some sick old people. And the comatose. Because it's not that bad over on the other side. As far as I can tell its like sitting in jail, you're miserable but it's not all that bad, like the second death.

You see there are two deaths. The first death is when you left the God the Father. As in the parable of the prodigal son. The father said, my son was dead and now he's alive again. Even though people are alive in the flesh, they are dead to God. For instance in the rapture, the dead in Christ shall rise first. And the rest of the dead shall not live again until the millennium is over. You see these people are not physically dead. It is only a very small percentage of the population that will be taken up in the rapture. And when the Bible speaks of the rest of the dead in means the rest of the people here on earth who are physically alive but spiritually dead. To God they are dead. Just as in the parable of the prodigal son.

Some other things I would like to bring out to make my point about people being the incarnation of Angels.

Jesus said in the Gospel of John Chapter 10 verse 34," ye are gods." And I take this to mean that just as the Angels are sometimes referred to as gods. People can also be referred to as gods because they are the incarnation of Angels. In John Chapter 9:3 the deciples asked Jesus why the man had been born blind who had sined him or his parents. Which proves that they knew about reincarnation. And that Jesus taught it to them. Why else would they ask him about it.

1 Samuel Chapter 28, Saul has a witch call up Samuel from the dead. And she said she saw gods ascending up out of the earth. Now some or all of the churches might not believe that this spirit is actually Samuel but the Bible says it is Samuel and so I see no real argument. Which proves life after death. And that it is possible to communicate with the dead. And this is nothing new in Jewish mysticism. Along with numberology, astrology, reincarnation and maybe if you other things I can't think of right now in the kabola. And since she uses the term gods to describe Samuel's spirit or soul. This would be in agreement with what Jesus said in the Gospel of John Chapter 10: 34 "ye are gods."

Many UFO sightings might be phony. But not all of them. We really are having visitors from outer space. In my vision in 73, I saw myself about five years into the future having a dream. Where I dreamed that UFO occupants were mutalating cows. Because their sex on their planet is different from ours. So they were curious about our sex. And in the vision I knew that this was true. And so when I had this dream about five years later. I remembered that vision I had in Montana. And I knew that my dream was true and was not my imagination at work.

Another time I remember people telling me that I went into a deep trance and someone else was speaking through me in a low soft voice. And they asked me who this could be. This reminded me of Elijah in 1 king's Chapter 19 verse 12 where he heard a still small voice. That was the first thing that came to my mind. And they said that the first thing this voice said was the Lord's prayer. Before he went on to other things. Such as someday far into the future during the next millennium. All the nations on earth will have to come to gether to defend the earth from an extraterrestrial invasion.

The term"in the spirit"or"filled with the spirit"means you are possessed by the Holly ghost. I remember in one vision I had. I saw myself sitting on the witness stand at the preliminary hearing of a rape case. At the Cass County Courthouse. And I knew that I was possessed by the Holly ghost. I figured that I have had the Holy Ghost in me since that day of the Pentecost, in Chapter 2 of, The Acts Of the Apostles. It says that on that day the apostles were filled with the Holy Ghost. Which is the same as " being filled with the spirit". Which is the same as being possessed by the Holy Ghost which gave them their gifts. And I believe being possessed by the Holy Ghost gives me the power not only to see visions but to get impressions where I just know things that are not humanly possible. Such as being able to say words that I don't even know what they mean. And names and addresses of people I never heard of before. And sometimes names and addresses of people that have not even been born yet.

I remember one time I told someone that his son was going to die in a car accident. To which he scoffed, I'm not even married!

But it all came to pass that he got married, had a son, his son rolled his car outside of Hope, North Dakota. And killed himself. My old classmates from Hope will remember me having told them of this prophecy in class one day. And a lot of other prophecy's about other people in my school and my class.


In one of my incarnations I lived on Atlantis. According to Pluto Atlantis was West of the pillars of Hercules. In the Atlantic Ocean. And it sank approximately 12,000 years ago. I see no reason to doubt anything Pluto says about Atlantis. I know for a fact that Atlantis did exist. I am not fantasizing about this.

In the book of Genesis Chapter 6. It talks about the sons of God cohabiting with the daughters of men. And they had children by them. And it says"these were the great men of old. Well I think about the only thing that is older than Genesis would be Greek mythology. And the myth of Atlantis fits this description in Genesis exactly.

According to Pluto there were elephants on Atlantis. And man had lived on Atlantis before they knew how to build boat's. So therefore Atlantis had to be a part of the mainland at one time.

In my reading I have discovered that a long time ago the Mediterranean basin was dry. Because where the pillars of Hercules are now there was land stopping the Atlantic Ocean from entering the basin. Nobody knows how big This land mass might have been. But I think it probably connected Atlantis with the mainland of Africa and Europe. And that would explain why elephants were on Atlantis and how man got there before they knew how to build boat's. And this would make Atlantis very old. For scientists claim that man has been making boat's for at least 40,000 years.

In another lifetime I was one of Noah's son's. Shem I believe it was. And the entity Peep was my wife then.

Even though I know this I am skeptical about the story of Noah's flood covering the whole earth. Because I don't see how you could get enough water to cover all of the mountain's of the earth with water. And I don't see any big silt deposits covering the earth from this period of time. So it must have been a smaller flood then what the Bible says. I know it happened. There was a Noah and an Ark. My visions do not lie.

The arch Angel Gabriel told me about a prophetess named Helen Miller from Chicago. He said that Jahova was going to send her to Fargo to bare witness of me. This was back in 73 and I don't remember everything he said all that well. And I never wrote anything down. This is the first time I have ever written anything down. But I do remember him telling me about the murder of two FBI agents on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. That would take place sometime in 1975.

Any how, in the spring of 1977. The trial of Leonard Pelletier was taking place at the Federal Courthouse in Fargo, North Dakota. For the murder of these two FBI agents.

And Myrtle Poor bear who was a witness in this trial. Exactly why I don't remember. But I do remember that she had claimed to have heard a voice telling her something about the murder or murderer or something like that.

Any how they had a special trial of some kind at the Cass County Courthouse in Fargo. For Myrtle Poor Bear because of this voice she claimed to have heard. Some people thought that maybe she was one of the two witnesses in revelations Chapter 11. So it was never a criminal trial or anything. So I don't know what you would call it. But there is no record of it ever having taken place at the Courthouse. But that FBI does have a record of it somewhere. One weekend during this trial. One of the guys who was attending this Myrtle poor bear trial. Was on his way home to somewhere in South Dakota one weekend. With two of his friends. Some how their car caught on fire and all three of them were burned to death and it was nothing left to them but their bones. This story was on the front page of Fargo Fourm newspaper but it never mentioned what they were doing in Fargo. All I know is that one of the guys tried to claim that he was me. I met the guy in the Anaconda Job Corp back in 1971. All I remember is that they called him red because he had red hair.

At any rate they had a jury. I believe there were 12 jurors. And then there was this psychic from Chicago. She was kind of paranoid about people finding out who she was. So her name and where she was staying at in Fargo was never made public. But Gabriel had already told me her name. Helen Miller! And I knew that she was staying at the Fargoan hotel on Broadway in downtown Fargo.

I never made any attempt to get in touch with her or anything else. But I just watched the news coverage on KXJB evening news every day. This trial lasted about six weeks and I watched it on TV every night because at that time there was something wrong with my TV so I could only get Channel 4. And I was curious about this prophetess that Gabriel had told me of. She claimed only to be a psychic. And she knew that I would call her a prophetess. But unbeknownst to her Gabriel had called her a prophetess so I call her one also.

Of course I don't remember everything she said. But I remember some of them. She said that I had nine lives.(I can only count eight lives) And she also said that I would claim to be the reincarnation of the Prophet Mohammed.

Well I never claimed to be the reincarnation of the Prophet Mohammed. At least not yet. I do remember some mention of him in my visions back in 73. But there was so much information. About so many different things. All at one time that I could not possibly hope to remember it all. Or make sense of it all. Because so much of this was knew to me. I have my doubts that I could be him. But on the other hand you never know. I am still learning about myself and my past lives and God and heaven and a lot of other stuff. And after all she is a prophetess. Although she did get me confused with other people sometimes. And sometimes she would talk of my past lives as if she could not tell the difference between past lives and the present life. And she claimed not to be able to see visions like I do. She could only get impressions.

The Prophet Mohammed had many children. Gabriel had told me that Jehovah would not allow my children to be born because they would be perfect. I think this could be interpreted as superhuman. Gabriel told me that I had had children in past lives. So apparently somewhere along the line I became so good that my children would be perfect. And therefore would not be allowed to be born. Another thing is I don't see any where where the Prophet Mohammed had a temper like the son of thunder which is what I have. I am a real nice guy. But if you push the right buttons I will go right through the roof. As far as I know I have always been that way in all of my past lives.

My first life I lived on Atlantis.

My second life I was one of Noah's son's shem.

My third life was Abraham.

My fourth life was Moses.

Life number five would be the Prophet Elijah.

Life number six I was James Zebedee.

In my seventh life I was an Irish immigrant who came to United States during the potato phantom. I was recruited into the American Army. As soon as I got off the boat. To fight in the Mexican war. And somehow after that I became the city Marshal in Whitehall, Ohio. I was 29 years old when the Civil War began. My first name was Bob. I don't recall my last name. But some other people I had talked to through the years might remember.

During the Civil War I had the congressional medal of honor bestowed upon me by President Abraham Lincoln.

During a retreat of the Union Army outside of Washington D.C.. Bob had turned around on his horse and defended the last bridge between the Confederates and the capital. If the Confederates had gotten across this bridge they would have captured Washington DC and the war would have been over. And there would have been no more United States of America.

Bob was a well liked person and the had a lot of friends. And so when his friends saw him defending the bridge all by himself. They decided to help him. And the bridge was saved and so was the capital and the Union. And also turned the tide of the war. Since the Union until then had been losing the war.

When President Abraham Lincoln heard of what Bob had done he jumped in his carriage and rode out to meet Bob and gave him all the congressional medal's of honor that he had and he said he would have given him more but he ran out of metals.

Also because of this Bob was also promoted to Captain. Abraham Lincoln wanted men who were not afraid to fight. So back in those day's brave man got promoted. That's how Custer became a general at such a young age.

Later on in the war Bob met a Southern Bell named Pat. He probably met her at this ballroom dance. Bob won a dancing contest at the ball. And he also won a horse riding contest. Probably earlier in the day. And although Pat did not dance. They met and became lovers.

Pat was an aunt of Martha Mitchell the woman who wrote the novel " gone with the wind". Apparently Martha Mitchell got some kind of inspiration from listening to her aunt Pat telling her stories about the Civil War and this guy she met named Bob.

In the meantime Bob's wife back in Whitehall, Ohio. Had read in the paper that her husband Bob had been killed at the battle outside of Washington. Defending that bridge from the Confederates. Rumors of Bob's death had been greatly exaggerated! If it hadn't turned out so badly he would almost be kind of funny.

Bob had been too busy to write her sense his promotion to captain. Partly because he was so busy writing letters for some of his illiterate men. And so she never found out that he was still alive. And she got married to another Union soldier. Just before he went back to the front. And so they never consummated their marriage.

When Bob got back and found out what she had done. He blew his top pulled out his saber and killed her with it. In a fit of rage.(Son of thunder) Bob never was prosecuted for the killing of his wife. Because of the circumstances. Bob was murdered himself sometime later by three men he had once arrested for burglary.

I saw this murder take place in a vision. There were three men dressed in Yankee uniforms on horseback. Coming at me at a dead gallop. One of them had a rifle and shot me in the left shoulder. Another one had a double-barreled shotgun and let me have it with both barrels at one time. Right in the face.

Apparently I was in some kind of trance at the time that I was seening this vision. Because I was reliving Bob's murder. And I could feel the rifle shot in the left shoulder and the shotgun blast to the face. Which knocked me over backwards to the ground. At this time Bob must have been blind because I could feel BB's in my eyes. Which would have made him defenseless. At which time they neutered him. And beat him with their fist. And then they ran a saber through him. And I was down on my knees and I saw this ghostly saber run right through me. And I could feel it is saber in me. And the life was slowly draining from me. And my breathing got harder and heavier and more labored. And things got darker and darker. Until finally I was dead. And then I came out of it. Meaning the trance.

That was my last lifetime before the present one. Gabriel told me who these three men were in this presence life. They are my dad and my two younger brothers.

I have also met the woman Pat in this lifetime. She now lives in Fargo, North Dakota. The woman who was my wife in Whitehall, Ohio. Used to live in Fargo. But she has since then moved to a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri.

As I came out of a cafe in Phillipsburg, Montana one day. I got an impression that this little boy standing behind me had been one of my men during the Civil War. And I walked over to him and shook his hand and saluted him and told him and the people around us what my impression/revelation (or what ever it's called) had been. He was about four years old. I remember him wearing a cowboy hat and boots a Western shirt and a big belt buckle. And then as another guy and I were walking away I received another revelation that that little boy was going to become a deciple of mine when he grew up. And then another revelation. He had also been one of the men who had chipped in to put a big stone Memorial next to my grave. I thought that this had been a wonderful and very thoughtful thing they had done for me. And so I thanked him for what he had done him with had and I knew a little boy like that does not understand what I'm talking about. Especially since I'm talking about a difference life time. But I thought and hoped that maybe his soul did.


Gabriel also told me, that if I did come out of my shell that Jehovah would deliver my enemies into my hands. And that if I didn't come out of my shell. I would be needing a kidney transplant. And he even gave me the name of the kidney donor. He also said that they would be some people from the Fargo police department who would try to murder me while I was in the hospital by giving me some kind of drug that would kill me. He said that there would be a big conspiracy on the part of the Fargo police department. Or at least a lot of people within the police department. And that if I would come out of my shell Jehovah would deliver my enemies into my hands and 20 Fargo police officers would be burned to death, and five police officers in Morehead, and it was about three police officers in West Fargo. Also former Cass County District Attorney Mervyn Nording will be one of these people who will be consumed by fire. I remember seeing Mervyn Nording burn up in my vision. When I was on the witness stand at the preliminary hearing of the Allen J. Fowler rape case. And Mervyn nording said to me"that's the second time you saw me burn!"I guess there might have been other people I saw in the vision who burned up more than once. Maybe that's just a coincidence. Other than that I don't think it means anything.

Also at the preliminary hearing while I was on the witness stand. The District Attorney Mervyn nording told me of a dream his 14-year-old daughter had dreamt. In which she had seen her father with a pair of scissors standing in front of her. Now this might sound like nothing to most people. But I knew that it meant incest. I was embarrassed by it all and I never said anything about what it meant. I really didn't want to get involved. And then he also asked me about a dream that he had had. In which he was in the attic of his house and he was breaking through the ceiling with his feet. I told him with this meant. It meant that he was having trouble at home. And he told me that his wife had filed for divorce and that this had something to do with an argument over his daughter.Apparently his wife new what was going on between him and his daughter.

And I remember Gabriel telling me that when I sued Mervyn Nording. That he wanted me to leave him with enough money so that his daughter and ex-wife would be able to get something out of him.

One night I was driving my car and I drove over a bridge going over the Sheyenne River. When I got the impression of rape victim's dead body being thrown into the river on the North Side of the bridge. And her name was also North. I had assumed that she was a sexually mature woman. But it turned out that she was only about 11 years old. At that time She probably had not been born yet! There was a bar less than two blocks from there which I stopped at and told them of the impression that had come to me. I also told them what I knew of the Wolfe murder and the few other things. One of the people in that bar that night. Was some guy picking on a guitar. Who I would meet a few years later playing in a band at the Nestor bar in Fargo. And not remembering him.

The few years later I was at a bar in downtown Fargo called the Nestor. And a friend of mine introduced me to a female member of this band that was playing there that night. And told her that I was pretty good at interpreting dreams. In turn she told me of a dream she had had where she was in the attic of her house and she was stepping through the ceiling. And she broke all the way through the ceiling and landed in a baby's crib.

Not knowing that she had a baby at home but assuming so because of her dream. I told her that the dream meant she was having trouble in the home and it seemed to be centered around this baby. To which she said that she was going through a divorce and that the baby had some kind of genetic disease and was not expected to live long. Because of some gene that she had inherited from both parents. She also said that if I would heal her baby that she would have sex with me.

I would have loved to have had sex with her. But because of all the scandals of all these so-called religious people like Jim Jones using their status to get sex from their followers. I declined the sex part. But I did pray for her child right then and there. Although I did not expect anything to happen because as far as I knew I had no such power yet.

And then this guy playing a guitar in the band asked me to heal him also. And I asked what was wrong with him? And he said I feel a little depressed. And I noticed he was acting like he was feeling pretty good and his eyes were a little glossy. And so I thought that he had had a couple of drinks or had been smoking something. And that maybe he was just making fun of me. And so I said no! I really didn't think I had power to do any such thing and so I didn't want a lot of people asking me to heal them. But the woman because of her dream I felt that she was sincere and I felt sorry for her. And I did pray for her baby.

As it turned out this guy was a schizophrenic. And the reason he looked like he was drunk or something because of his glossy eye look was because of all the medication he was on.

I am very well known in Fargo, North Dakota. And so one day about three years after this incident at the Nestor bar. I was at a truck stop in Fargo where the waitresses knew me. And I overheard them talking to one of the customers about this incident at the Nestor. And I made out enough of the conversation to make out that when this woman had gone home from the bar that night that her daughter was standing up in the crib. Which apparently she could not do before.

I also found out that the guitar player at the Nestor bar was the same guy at the bar near the Sheyenne River I had went to a few years earlier when I had gotten that impression about that rape victim's dead body being tossed into the river off the bridge. He told people that he remembered a psychic had made this prediction about a rape victim's body being thrown into the river off that bridge. He had committed suicide because I had refused to heal him. And some other people had asked me whether you would burn in hell for committing suicide? And I said no. Nobody burns in hell just for committing suicide. And that God understands that in some circumstances that that might be the best alternative. And that it's not that bad over on the other side.

When I found this out. I felt really bad. I never dreamt that I could actually heal someone. Because I had never done it before and I did not remember seeing myself heal anyone in the visions. But I did remember seeing myself time and again in the visions holding a rod of iron in my right hand and people going up in flames. And I remembered Gabriel telling me"Jehovah has given you a rod of iron, use it."So this was something I knew I could do. But I was surprised when I heard that this little girl had been healed and that the guy who was suffering from schizophrenia had committed suicide because no one had ever told me that the baby girl had been healed and even if they had told me I might have been skeptical. I have never healed anyone before or since that time.

Another thing I had overheard at the truck stop was. At a restaurant on Main Ave. in Fargo one night I was talking to some people about my visions and the things I saw in my visions. And they told me that I had gone into a deep trance. And there seemed to be someone else speaking through me and the first thing that he had said was the Lord's prayer. And he spoke for about five minutes in a low soft voice. And when they told me that he spoke in this low soft voice and they asked me who could this be the only thing that came to my mind was the Holy Ghost. Because it reminded me of the experience of Elijah in first king's chapter 19 verse 11 and 12. One of the things this entity spoke of was that at some time in the future a longtime from now our planet would be invaded by other people from another planet. He said not all the planet's are as bountyfull as ours is. Apparently he did not make it clear as to what they would do with people. If they would eat them or inslave them or what? And that all the nations of the world would have to band together to fight off this invasion.

Well at the time I didn't believe a word of it. Because I knew that I hadn't said anything. I was just sitting there minding my own business. Gazing out the window. And I thought they were trying to play some kind of mind game on me or something. So I dismissed the whole thing and never thought anything more about it. But when I over heard of this I started to think and I remembered on at least a couple of occasions where I was talking to someone and they would interrupt me and asked me what it was that I had said in between this word and that word in a sentence. Apparently I had gone off into a deep trance for about five minutes on these occasions. And when I came out of the trance I would start talking again not knowing that I had been in a trance. And this entity or who ever it was started out with the Lord's prayer. And in my reading up on demonology I found out that the devil and all of his demons never say anything good about God or heaven. And do not say the Lord's prayer. So anyone who would like to accuse me of having a devil or something you are out of luck. And on one occasion some friends of mine had gotten this on a tape recorder. And somehow the Church of latter Day Saint's of Jesus Christ (probably better known as the Church of Mormon) had gotten a hold of this. Also on this tape which was made before George H. W. Bush was elected president. Were all the Presidents that were elected since that time. The OJ Simpson murder which he was guilty of and a vision of the 9/11 disaster. And probably a view other things that I don't remember. Which is often the case. That I forget most of what I learned.

I find it hard to believe that the Virgin Marry has been appearing to people in visions and/or appearances such as the one Fatima, Portugal in 1917. It sounds phony to me. I see no good prophecies in this story that cannot be explained away very easily. There are no good witnesses testifying to much of anything that is believable or can be considered a miracle. For one thing she said nothing about all the churches being guilty of abominations and she said nothing about the fact that Elijah must come first. Such as the angel who spoke with Joseph Smith Jr.. And the Archangel Gabriel told me. And I know for a fact that my experience is real. And I have good reason to believe Joseph Smith Jr.. But the appearance of the Virgin Marry at Fatima sounds ridiculous to me. For another thing she is not the mother of God because Jesus Christ is the son of God but is not God. And I suspect that all of the appearances Of the Virgin Marry our all hoaxs.

I think that Pope John Paul II, who believes in this appearance of the Virgin Marry at Fatima. He has been duped.

None of these appearances or aspirations of the Virgin Marry. Compares to my visions and prophecies. Not even close. I believe they are all phony.

Gabriel told me that abortion was a sin. He also told me that birth control was a sin but that I could change that if I wanted to. But that I could not change abortion. Before this time I had always thought that abortion and birth control were pretty much the same thing. Because I had not given it much thought. And people might think that abortion in the case of rape or incest is OK but according to what Gabriel told me an abortion is an abortion. If it's a sin to abort a legitimate baby then its also a sin to abort an illegitimate baby also.

Another time I was joking with some people about Hell. And about how I and the Saint's in heaven would be able to urinate and deficate on the people down in the bottomless pit. And then Gabriel spoke and said something to the effect that(I don't remember the exact words) that this would be like some kind of blessing or something to them people in bottomless pit like manna from heaven. So in fact the second death is so bad that there is nothing you can think of to make it worse. Because even urinating on them and wallowing in sewage would be enjoyable to them compared to what they are suffering.

He also told me that Adolf Hitler was in Hell. Apparently he went straight to Hell as soon as he died. So no one ever need to worry whether he's going to burn in hell or not because he is already there for an absolute certainty.

The sole never dies unlike the physical death both the first death and the second death are spiritual deaths. And so even if your sole should suffer the second death you will still be alive because the sole is immortal and lives forever either in heaven or in Hell. So when the Bible says that the dead in Christ shall arise from the dead first it is not talking about the physical death of the body. Everyone on this earth is spiritually dead. So when the dead in Christ rise first this is the rapture. And the rest of the dead shall not live again until the millennium is over. This is everyone that is not taken up in the rapture. Except for this city or what ever is that the Saints rule from. Life on Earth seems to be not that much different than what it is now. Only the devil and his angels and a few other rotten eggs will be in the bottomless pit and will not be able to bother anyone.

Another time I was talking to some people about gay people. And for a comparison I brought up the subject of hermarphodites. Now some of these people when they are born are made to be women and some are made to be guys. Only to decide after they grow up that they would rather be of the opposite sex. So are these people guilty of sin? Are they going to burn in hell because they can't make up their mind what sex they want to be? And Gabriel spoke up all of a sudden and said"that's all relative". So I guess maybe he's talking about some gay people also. That their situation could be relative also. The way I see it they are a freak of nature also just like hermorphedits.


Another thing I would like to comment on is This. One night in May, 1978. I was shooting pool in the basement of the 410 bar. In Fargo, North Dakota. When I all of a sudden had a revelation about this guy who was shooting pool at another table next to me. And I told him about it. His name was Bill Wolfe. Although I don't remember exactly what I said I will say what I can remember. I told him that his father was going to kill him. Cut his body in half. Put the halves in two garbage bags and throw them into the Sheyenne River. And try to blame it all on the Mafia.

After I left the bar I forgot all about what I had said to him. Every once in awhile through the years I have told people things that were going to happen to them in the future. Sometimes it was death by heart attack. One time I told someone he was going to die of an aneuryism. Or I might have met them in another life. Or something like that. I can't help it. When I have these visions or impressions. I almost always tell someone about it.

On the 20th of August, 1978. His body was discovered in the Red River that flows between North Dakota and Minnesota. And the Sheyenne River flows into the Red River. Nobody knew which State he had been murdered in. So the shriffs departments in both Cass County, North Dakota and Clay County, in Minnesota were investigating the case. Along with the FBI.

Although his father felt guilty and turned himself in for the murder. After awhile he came to his senses and change his mind. Apparently never giving them any information about the murder. After he got out of jail he went around telling anyone that would listen that the Mafia had called him up on the phone and told him that they were going to kill his son because he owed them money for the drugs he used. An obvious lie. Coming from someone with a guilty conscience trying to cover up for himself. The murder is unsolved to this day.

I remember in August of 1973 that Gabriel told me that Bill Wolfe Sr. was going to murder his son Bill Wolfe Jr.. The same day he prophesied about the murder of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota that took place in 1975. I thought about telling the FBI about this. But I couldn't remember a lot of what I had been told and the stuff I had seen in the vision. And I never wrote anything down. And I figured they would probably never believe me any how. And I would be going out of my way and so I didn't bother with it. I didn't think it would do any good.

On that same night in May, 1978. That I met Bill Wolfe. In the basement of that bar shooting pool. The guy who was shooting pool with me that night. After we went to our separate ways. Had gone out and raped his foster brothers wife. And he told me that he had been with me at the time this alleged rape had taken place. And at first I believed him. And I agreed to testify in court to this fact.

At any rate I ended up testifying at his preliminary hearing and when I was on the witness stand sometime in June. A vision came to me and I told them what I saw. The stenographer wrote this down. One of the things I saw in the vision was the Bill Wolfe murder. I saw the murder take place. Then the vision zoomed in on a calendar on the wall in the background. On the red letter 13. I also saw the murderer drag two garbage bags to the Sheyenne River and toss them in and dig a hole in the ground with his bare hand and Bury the murder weapon. It was so dark that I couldn't see what it was that he had pulled the bags out of. If it was a motor vehicle or a garbage dumpster or what. I had no idea. But I remember I felt there was a bridge somewhere. But I couldn't see one. I later found out that a bridge on the Sheyenne River had been washed out that spring. I later found out that they were working in Minnesota that day of the 13th of August. So obviously he had used a vehicle to transport the body from Minnesota over to the North Dakota side.

And after the body of Bill Wolfe was discovered in the Red River. I went home one night after work and watched the news as usual. I was watching KXJB news on Channel 4. And I saw a story on a murder victim who had been found in the Red River. In two garbage bags. The body had not been identified yet. But was being sent to some kind of crime lab in Minneapolis Minnesota for identification.

The female reporter told of a psychic who had testified in a rape trial at the Cass County Courthouse. Who had seen the murder in a vision. And that it was Bill Wolfe. I remember she said that he had even gotten the names of the two canoeists right. The reporter said that she was moving out of town in a few days. And that would not have time to follow- on any leads about this psychic. And I was glad to hear that. Because I didn't want to be bothered with that. And having to testify in court against a friend of mine at the same time. It would have been more than I could deal with all at one time.

I knew he was guilty. Because after awhile I remembered that Gabriel had told me in Montana 1973. That he was going to rape a woman in Fargo. About five years from that time. I had almost forgotten about it. Gabriel had told me not to bare false witness against her. Or you will surely die.

Well, I couldn't lie and that seemed very un-American to me. It is common practice for people to lie in court. Police and judges, lawyers, politicians and all kinds of people. To lie both in court and out of court and behind your back. Sometimes to protect themselves or their friends or their children or for malice or vindictiveness. Who knows why. But they do it. Lie or withhold information for what ever reason. It's the American way.


At any rate, I told the truth. And my friend went to prison and never spoke to me again. And I wasn't much interested in being his friend anymore either.


But after the trial I told some people about the story I had seen on the news about the Wolfe murder. And that it I had been that psychic. And some of them told me that they had read that story in the Fargo Fourm newspaper. Charlie Johnson the anchorman at KXJB TV news was one of these people. He said there was a long list of predictions that this psychic had made. And I remembered that day after work that I had seen the story about the psychic who had predicted the Wolfe murder on it. And it was a long list of predictions he had made also including the death of Pope John Paul the first and his replacement by Pope John Paul the second.

I tried to find the story in the Fargo fourm. By going to the public library and looking through the microfilm. But I could never find it. And when I called the Fargo Fourm. They told me that they would never print a story like that about anything a psychic had said. But I'm sure that they did because so many people told me that they read it in Fargo Fourm.


Another thing I saw in my visions is that one night I will park my car in front of the Fargoan hotel on Broadway downtown Fargo and it will have in big letters on the side of the car Trans Am. It's a black car and I don't remember for sure what color the letters were. I think it's kind of a reddish or some orange in it. It probably has at least a couple of different colors in the letters. And I got out of the car and walked across the street to the Fargo Theatre to see a movie that was playing there about me. And the name of the movie was" The Adventures of Bo". And in the movie it will take three different actors to play my part. Apparently I have a very complex personality. Not only is there nobody else like me in the world but I also am the one person who is most like my cousin Jesus Christ.

There is no sex in heaven. Jehovah has never had sex and he has never lived in the flesh. Jesus Christ is not God any more than I am. Jehovah is God not only to the earth but there are other planets in the universe with people on them also. And how they worship God on the other planets is beyond me. But it would be interesting to know how or what they think of God and creation and heaven. It would be interesting to know what they think and how they think and his how much different they might be from us or how much they might have in common with us. Only God knows how many other planets with intelligent life are out there. And if they have a devil or a Jesus Christ like we have. That they have a God there is no doubt. But how much they know of God and what they know of God I don't know. But the God that created us also created them. Just as other people on this is this planet worship God and think of God differently people on other planets could see God completely different than the way we do.

And in the next millennium, there will be at least one other planet and maybe more that will try to conquer the earth for our food. And God will not intervene on our behalf any more than he ever intervened in any of the other wars in the past. So if the earth can not defend itself only God knows what might happen to the people on earth.

The Archangel Gabriel told me that my wife(the entity Peep) and I are the only ones who are allowed to have sex in heaven. And absolutely no one else. Not even me with another woman, only this entity named peep because she and I had made some special babies together in some other lifetime. Probably in the lifetime of Abraham when she was my wife Sarah. She was also my wife on Noah's Ark.

So the Moslems who believe that they can go to heaven and have a harem of virgins just for committing suicide by blowing themselves up are just kidding themselves because other than myself and my wife there is no sex in heaven. Even God does not have sex, and never has had sex and never will. He is not interested in having sex. And he has never lived in the flesh and never will. He's just not interested. I guess that maybe it's beneath him or something.


Gabriel also told me that I could have the disciples of Jim Jones who committed suicide at Jonestown back in November 18, 1978 burned in hell if I so choosed. And I gave it some thought and I came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea for me to have them burned in hell just to demonstrate what can happen to people who get on my bad side. Now to burn in hell is very bad and I don't want anyone to get the idea that I'm going to go easy on them because I'm not. My cousin Jesus Christ called me" son of thunder" so that should give you an idea of how mean I can be. And I feel it is better to make an example of a few people so that the majority might survive. So the people in Jonestown are like just so much cannon fodder. And I have also thought of condemning those Moslems who have the mistaken idea that by blowing themselves up and killing innocent people. That they will go to heaven and have a harem of virgins. The way I see it they are just as mistaken as these people in Jonestown who committed suicide with the idea that they were going to go to heaven. So God willing I will condemn them also.

But the little children who were murdered by their parents and other grown-ups in Jonestown. I will spare them because they haven't done anything wrong. They are victims.


Gabriel told me that in our mansion in heaven my wife and I would have a bed, and this bed would be an altar, and we would have sex in. And this would be pleasing to Jehovah. And the Angel Gabriel said that she my wife would suck the fruit from my loins. And he said something to the effect that it was because of our offspring that Jehovah appreciated us so much. And he referred to my penis as the Golden shaft. And he said referring to the entity Peep, she will be your harem and you will be her sheik.

The Emperor Constantine is said to have been baptized on his deathbed. And so it seems to me people should wake up and think that why in the world would they ever allow an unbaptized person to have so much power and influence in the early church.

I have my doubts that this Emperor Constantine ever saw a vision from God telling him to conquer rome with the sign of the cross as he had said. I think that he made up this vision for the purpose of political propaganda to take advantage of Christians who were probably a large group at that time. And Constantine realized that he could use them to his advantage to take over the Roman empire. I personally don't believe that he was ever a true believer. Otherwise I'm sure that he would have been baptized much sooner probably before he had claimed to have had this vision. And if not, you would certainly think that he would have done so immediately after this vision if there ever was one. His whole story sounds fishy to me.

And it was the sister of the Emperor Constantine, I believe her name was Helen will claimed that in a vision she had seen Christ being crucified on the cross with one nail through both of his feet. And this is the reason why on many of the paintings and sculptures of Christ being crucified you see him with one nail going through both feet.

But this is false because I have seen the crucifixion of Christ for real in my vision. And in my vision there were one nail through each of his feet. So this sister of Constantine is a false prophet. Who in my opinion probably made this up for the sake of political propaganda and mind control. Just as her brother the Emperor Constantine made up his vision.

And I think it is Helen that is credited with fineding the cross that Jesus was crucified on about 300 years or so after the fact. Which I have doubts about this cross. That the Catholic church has to this day.

One of the reasons I have doubts about this cross is that not only that I know this so-called St. Helen to be a liar. But this find of hers is about a good 300 years after the fact and wood can deteriorate in a lot less time than that. Or the true cross could have been used for firewood. I don't think anyone could ever know what happened to this cross that Jesus was crucified on. And I have my doubts that anyone back at that time of the crucifixion would have ever bothered to worry about the preservation of the true cross. I'm sure it was just not important to them. It would have been important only as propaganda to the Emperor Constantine and his family.


And as for the shroud of Turin. I have doubts about this also for one thing the Archangel Gabriel told me that I am the spitting image of Jesus Christ. And the guy on the shroud Turin doesn't look anything like me. And he doesn't look like a Jew either. This man on the shroud of Turin is obviously of European descent and not Jewish. My strongest argument against this shroud of Turin is that Gabriel told me that I am the spitting image of my cousin Jesus Christ. And it is always a possibility that he might have meant something other than a physical resemblance. But since we are cousins I would think that there would be at least a strong family resemblance to say the least. And it's just not there. So for this reason alone I would have to say that the shroud of Turin is phony.

Back to the Bill Wolfe murder of 1978. Apparently his father who is also named Bill Wolfe told his wife the mother of Bill Wolfe Jr. what he had done. And she called the police department and reported her son missing. She told the police that she had not seen him for two days and I believe that this was the day before the body was discovered in the Red River. Now I don't think it's very likely that anyone would report to the police that their 21-year-old son was missing just because they haven't seen him for two days. Without good reason to believe that something had happened to them. Especially since he had his own apartment and did not live at home. But apparently according to her she was just really concerned because she hadn't seen or heard from him for two days.

Well I know that that is a lie. Because I know for a fact that he was murdered on the 13 of August and his body was discovered on the 20th exactly one week from the day he was murdered. And she was leading the police on a false trail to protect her husband. What's even worse than this is that this woman who claimed that she was his girlfriend said that she had breakfast with him on the morning of the 20th of August, the day his body was found in the Red River cut in half in two different garbage bags. Now that is one really super big lie if I ever heard one. But why she did it I have no idea. If there is a conspiracy between her and the parents of Bill Wolfe Jr. or not I have no idea. But this sent the police off on a wild Goose Chase. Because they were thinking that he had been murdered after he had left the restaurant after having breakfast with his girlfriend. But if they had just given it a little thought they would have seen that she was a liar because his body was so badly decomposed that they had to use his dental records for the identification of his body. And this doesn't sound like someone who was dead for only a few hours. Especially since the water in the early morning hours is cold. And that would help to preserve the body.

One thing I do remember from my visions back in 1978 is that Bill Wolfe Sr. will be convicted of the murder of his son and sentence to 20 years. In order to do this though you need an eye witness. And I will rise Bill Wolfe Jr. from the dead so that he may testify as to who murdered him when and where. This I remember from the vision in 1978. And i also I remember telling Bill Wolfe Jr. that night in the basement of the 410 bar that I would raise him from the dead. And he just might remember me having told him of this.

I am curious as to how old he will be when I raise him from the dead. Because he's been dead for about 26 years now. And if he is 26 years older. For him it might be like someone coming out of a coma one day and they are 26 years older. I don't really know, but it will be interesting to find out. If he will be physically the same age he was when he died at 21 or will he be 47. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I am also curious to see what he remembers about being on the other side if anything at all.

I don't believe that I have the power to raise the dead as of yet. I think that God will give me this power at some future point in time. But then on the other hand I was surprised to hear about that one woman's little girl being healed I never thought that I could do that. Maybe I just lack self confidence or something I don't know.

On more than one occasion I experienced the death of the apostle James the just. In a vision I saw the apostle James from behind. He was down on his knees praying. And then all of a sudden without warning I felt an arrow being shot into my back. And it hurt real bad and I would ask people that were standing around to pull the arrow out of my back because I couldn't reach it. And they would say there's nothing back there. And I knew there was even though I couldn't get a hold of it. And it hurt real bad and I was getting weaker and weaker and it was getting darker and darker. I was to week to stand up and I was down on my knees. And then I felt a hand push me on my back forcing me onto my hands. And I saw these ghostly legs. Wearing these type of sandals that they used to wear back in biblical times where they had some kind of leather straps wrapped around their lower Legs up to their knees. And then I heard a sword or something like that slicing through the air and chopped off my head and as soon as it happened I came out of it and I had my strength back. And it was a combination of the vision and just knowing that they took my head and sealed it up in a stone wall. and I knew that it was still there.

Although I have never read the book, the history of the Jews by Josephus Flavius I suspect that there might be something in there about the death of James and this wall that his head was sealed up in.

I remember Gabriel told me that I did not defend myself when I was the apostle James. So apparently James did not put up a good enough argument to have defended himself. I suspect that maybe someone might have falsely accused him of something or other.

Gabriel said"parents are brainwashing their children". I gave this some thought and concluded that parents would never intentionally brainwash their children but they are probably just handing down brainwash that they were taught by their parents. Such as Jesus Christ is God and the Virgin Mary is the mother of God. And that John the Baptist is the prophet Elijah. And that there is only one Christ in the book of revelations. And there is no such thing as reincarnation. And that the devil is the leader of the fallen angels and has already been kicked out of heaven. And the church teaches that God created the earth in or around the year 4004 B.C. and that Pluto's Atlantis is a myth or fallacy. And that earth is the only planet in the universe with life on it, and people. And some of these so-called religious people go so far as to say that UFOs are the work of the devil.

Just as the church taught people a lot of brainwash back in the dark ages. Such as that the earth was flat and that the earth was the center of the universe and a lot of other nonsense that has been proven wrong. The churchs still teach a lot of brainwash and they still refuse to wake up and rethink things over just as they did in the dark ages. They are way behind the times and a lot of the nonsense that they teach has been proven false. Just like it happened in the dark ages. And I hope that my paper here will wake people up to the truth. Hopefully my book will be like a good swift kick in the ass for a lot of religious leaders around the world like the Pope and a lot of others. And hopefully they will wake up and see the light.

I remember reading somewhere in the Bible where it said in the last days the blind would be leading the blind. Which I see has been going on ever since the apostle's died, especially James Zebedee the head of the true church.

And I also remember Paul( I do not think of Paul as a true apostle and I think that he is probably the one referred to as the liar in the dead sea scrolls) saying in the Bible that the true gospel would be preached to the whole world in the last days. So apparently judging by what he said the gospel he preached was not the true gospel. The true gospel has not been written yet! I am the one who is going to write the true gospel. And that is a ways off into the future yet. I remember seeing in my vision a copy of this book and on the cover was written"the true gospel".

Gabriel told me back in 1973, when I was in Phillipsburg, Montana. That I could if I wanted to, marry this woman he called Pat because she was going to die any how. He told me exactly what was wrong with her but I'm not a doctor and so I didn't understand what he was saying. But that there was something wrong with an internal organ. And I didn't know if it was cancer or something genetic. And Gabriel told me that Jehovah would not allow my children to be born because they would be perfect. He didn't say what he meant by perfect but I guess it is probably superhuman. This marriage will last about two weeks and she will be pregnant by me when she dies. At which time I will go find this other woman Gabriel told me to marry and we will write the true gospel together. She was my wife in Whitehall,Ohio during the Civil War.

I found out years later who this woman Pat is. She was my girlfriend during the Civil War and she had crossed over to the other side sometime in the 1930s and she was born again or reincarnated. It is not necessary for me to marry this woman but it would be nice to know what Gabriel meant when he said that this baby would be perfect. And if it is superhuman it would be nice to find out just how different the baby is , in a scientific sense. Other than that I have no interest in this woman. Her name in this life is Cindy. But this baby would be a windfall in the field of science. Since no one has ever seen a perfect human being or superhuman. Who knows what the world could gain from this.

Gabriel told me back in 73 that if I got a tattoo I would get blood poisoning. So I never got a tattoo because of what he said. I remember that before this I had been tempted to get a tattoo but I just never had the money. And after he told me that I knew better. Even though they say that nowadays tattooing is safer than it used to be. Still I remember what Gabriel told me. And I am not taking any chances.

I heard that when I was in a deep trance that I said or some entity said through me that at some point in the future the world economy will grow much faster than it is now and he said that the economic growth would be phenomenal such as the world has never seen before. I am assuming that this is if my mission should work out OK and God does not curse the earth.

One way that God will curse America if people don't listen to me is that this coming winter will be a cold harsh one, and the oil prices are already high

and if they will go any higher or not I don't know. But I remember the angel saying that a lot of people will suffer because of the cold and the high price of heat.

And if America should repent and give me a chance and listen to me the winter will be milder. I believe that group of Southern Baptist in Little Rock, Arkansas I talked about earlier got this message from an angel back in the spring of 77.

In the book of revelations it speaks of Babylon and calls her a whore that has fornication with all the king's of the earth, and all the merchants of the earth grow rich by her. And then she sinks into the ocean as some kind of punishment. And the antichrist also comes from Babylon. And that is obviously the United States of America. Many people, scientists and psychics have predicted that the West Coast of America could slide into the ocean. I don't know if this will actually happened or not. But United States gets something like about 70% of its imports from California alone. And so you see that this scenario would fit real nice with the prophecy in revelations.

In revelations Chapter 11 where it tells of my death and resurrection it says that there will be an earthquake in Fargo, North Dakota. Earthquakes in this part of the country are very rare. And to have an earthquake that large as the one in revelations would probably be big enough to affect the rest of the country also. Or maybe the West Coast earthquake might be so big as to cause Fargo to have an earthquake also.

And in the vision where I saw myself come out of the bank with the money and was shot and killed it was dark out. And when I was brought back to life he was also night. And banks just don't do business at night. But the Bible says that in the last days the sun and the moon will not give off any light and it will be dark. So I figure this is why it was dark in my vision. Also in my vision when my wife was brought back to life, she stood up and there was a maple leaf in her hair. And so I figure that this will be happening in the fall of the year 2007 probably.

Several times in the past I have had what sounds just like a Lion roar, from down in my stomach. And I could feel the vibrations from the roar vibrating in my throat. At which time I always joke that"I've got a Tiger in my tank". I got this little joke from an advertisement I saw on TV when I was a kid. About some oil company advertising their gasoline. A lot of people have heard this Lion's roar. Somebody even got it on a tape recorder onetime when I did not know I was being taped.

One night when I was asleep in Phillipsburg, Montana Gabriel spoke to me and told me"leave the land of L....... and go to the land of N........". The next day after work I tried to tell people about this and I repeated the words as best as I could because I never heard any such words before in my entire life. And although the people I talk to were not Mormons there were a lot of Mormons in the area. And they told me that this sounded like the Nephites and Lamamites from the book of Mormon. Well I had heard of Mormons before but I never knew that there was anything like the book of Mormon. That was something I had never heard of before. After all this time I don't remember what the words were but I do remember the first letters of each of them L and N. and I remembered from an earlier occasion that he had asked me to leave Phillipsburg and go to Fargo and so this would agree with the book of Mormon that the Lamamites were in the West and the Nephites were in the East.

According to the Church of latter Day Saint's of Jesus Christ the Lamamites in the book of Mormon killed off all the Nephites and are the ancestors of the native Americans. In the book of Mormon there were three different groups of people who came to America from the holy land including the tower of Babel at different points in time. And according to linguistics the native American languages can be broken down into three different basic groups or origins. So all of the native American languages come from these three basic languages or groups. Scientists have dug up ancient bones all over the Americas that are tens of thousands of years old in the but according to what Gabriel told me they are not related to the native Americans.

It wasn't for about four or five years later that I had the time and money to get myself a hold of the book of Mormon and I read it. And if it weren't for the fact that Gabriel himself told me that"all the churches are guilty of abominations". And Joseph Smith Jr. himself had been told these very same words. And the fact that the Nephites and the Lamamites in the book of Mormon sound like the words Gabriel spoke to me that night in Phillipsburg, Montana back in 1973. I'd be inclined to say or at least think that Joseph Smith Jr. was a liar. I haven't had the time or the ambition to read all that he said and did. But maybe I should have. But I do know that one of the things he said was that there is life on other planets. And I agree with him on this. I know this for a fact that there is life on other planets in the universe.

I don't really understand or know what to think of this guy Joseph Smith Jr. sometimes. Sometimes I think that maybe he made some mistakes. And sometimes I think maybe he was a little bit corrupt. And sometimes I think he took advantage of his position when it comes to this plural marriage and having all of these wifes and all of this sex. But I think it's just too much of a coincidence for him to have gotten some of these things right by accident. But how he got some of the ideas he had is beyond me. Gabriel said that I was"incorruptible"so maybe other people that would be in my position are not as incorruptible as I am. But there is no sex in heaven. God has never had sex, and he has never lived in the flesh! As I said before only my wife and I are allowed to have sex in heaven and absolutely no one else. And Gabriel told me that all the churches are guilty of abomination and this includes The Church Of Latter Day Saint's of Jesus Christ. Probably better known as the Church of Mormon even though that is not their real name and some of them might be offended by it.

The apostle James Zebedee asked his cousin Jesus Christ if he could set on his right hand side in heaven. And Jesus said that it was not for him to decide.(Which helps me prove my point that Jesus Christ is not God) and in my vision I know that my cousin did ask Jehovah if I could set on his right hand side. What this means to sit on his right hand side I don't know. But it sounds good. All I know is that Jehovah offered me instead this woman Peep to be my wife in heaven. He said I wasn't quite good enough to sit on my cousins right hand side yet. That I would have to have at least one more life time to reach this perfection.

I think this might be kinda hard for me to explain but I will try.

In the meantime if I don't do the job that Jehovah wants me to do he said that many people will lose their faith and burn in hell or suffer the second death.(I sometimes use the word hell to describe both the first death and the second death) that's why he's asking me to except the offer he gave me instead of trying to set on my cousins right hand side. My cousin Jesus threatened to leave his throne on the right hand side of God if I don't get what I want. So I guess that's another reason why Jehovah offered me the only sex in heaven. And Gabriel told me that I didn't want this job that Jehovah offered me because I was more interested in being with my cousin. Apparently my soul must be awfully devoted to him. I am his number one devoted deciple, the deciple who he loved. And if I do not sit on my cousin's right hand side nobody else will. Nobody else could ever hope to be good enough.

The Arch Angel Gabriel also told me"you were born under a loving star."That was the first time I can remember hearing that term, and I wasn't sure what it meant but it sounded good. I don't know when, where, how or why this term got started. It might be from Shakespeare maybe I don't know. I know that my ghost Bob showed up in someone else's dream one night and spoke to her and used at least one saying from Shakespeare."To your own self be true".

In this dream, she dreamt, she was a Southern Bell and this union soldier came in to her bedroom while she was sleeping and spoke to her. She called him Bob and he called her Pat. And she said this guy had a cord coming out of his stomach. Like in the movie" out on a limb". Where someone had an out of body experience and they had a long cord like this coming out of their naval like an an unbiblical cord. Connecting the body and the spirit. Only this happened a few years before that movie came out. And they were talking about the old days, and how they had died and so on. Bob also told her that there was a conspiracy against him by the Fargo Police Department. I don't know how much of what was said in Cindy's dream had gotten into the Fargo Fourm newspaper. Because I never read it. And at first I was skeptical that the paper would ever print a story like that but people kept insisting that they had read it. And some of these people did not even know each other. And they seemed credible.


There is a lot more to be said but I think a lot of the things I know would be probably kinda hard for me to explain right now. Without doing a lot of detailed explaining. That I don't want to go into right now. But maybe later. For the time being this is good enough. Later on of course I plan to write the true gospel. Which of course will make the Bible obsolete. And anything I say will supersede anything in the Bible that might disagree with me or what I say. Because some people might try to twist or misinterpret some of the writing in the Bible in which to disagree with me or argue with me.